Thursday, June 28, 2012


Well Syracuse is over and I am ready to share the race break down with the world! I have to state that the race coordinator and volunteers were a dream to race with. They were on top of everything and were there to help with any issue. To start the trip off my parents got a campsite 2 HOURS away from the race site, so we contacted the race director and he told us we can camp 200 yards away from the transition. That was pretty much the best race morning experience I have ever had. Now off to the good part:

The swim portion was a easy and calm swim. I did it in 29 minutes and some change, but I have to say that I learned something new for the swim start. I can see myself starting in the front of the pack in the swim rather then towards the back and trying to fight through people to get to the open water. I was forced into a trap and was slowed down for a solid 2 minutes, but I found a way out of the pickle to manage a steady pace for the rest of the swim.

Out of the water and onto the bike, but before I actually got to the bike I had to manage a 300 meter long run from the beach to the transition area. Got a little lost in the transition area for a rough 45 seconds. When I did find the bike I made it work for me! I had the 11th fastest bike split out of everyone.. Even the pros! First 15 miles of the bike course was just up, up, up, and up hill battle. I cranked the pedals and left nothing on the uphills, but I felt my frame bending because of the Aluminum frame I ride on and lost some power because of it. the next 31 miles on the course was just cruising time. I had a few times when my back was tightening up due to a poor night sleep, but i punched in a 2:20 on a very challenging my course. People were telling me that the bike course was harder then Lake Placid's.

Off the bike and into the run and I thought I was going to rip the pavement off the blacktop, but I was wrong! The first 2 miles off into the run I was slightly pushing and I was at a 12:28 on the first two miles and then right around mile 3 I felt a slight tension in my left leg when it hit. Before I could even think anything of it, when it struck the ground again my leg just ceased up. I was forced to walk the uphill! I have never walked ever in a run or race. I was in such pain and could not bare it I was forced to walk 3 times in the walk, but had the will power to keep on running and keep on pushing when my body allowed it. The first two miles I got to pace 3 PROS on the run course and they were telling me when I figure out my nutrients that they will be looking out for me. Talk about motivation from a upper class athlete! I had a better showing then Panama, but struggled in the run and missed my run time by 12 minutes.

In the aftermath I was pretty stoked as I earned my Worlds spot to Vegas and I took 30th out of 1300 plus athletes. I won my division by 8 minutes and just had a respectful race, but I an assure you when Vegas comes around I will have everything figured out nutrient wise and I will be tearing heads off :).. Peace, Love, and Chicken Grease

Saturday, June 23, 2012


It is Saturday and my nerves have not raised one bit and I am getting nervous because I feel as if my body is not ready or my mind just don't care. I had to rent a wheelset because I want the edge on the competition and I am getting a wheelset put on today from the local bike shop, so this may spark some anxiety into my system. This will be my first race of being completely aero'd out with the new helmet and some Profile 80's for my bike.

The first day I was in New York I did a 10 mile TT on the bike and hardly pushed and was hitting between 25-26 mph into some wind and cross winds. The legs felt a little lactic acid, but not to bad.

Yesterday I went for a 2 mile run with the dogs, so they could sleep and I could actually get some sleep in on this trip. I did a 800 meter hard run and did it in 2:19, so I am feeling fast and strong in the run. I did not bike today but my legs feel fast and rested. No lactic acid in my legs on this day.

Now for today I get to get the wheelset put on and everythign adjusted for my big day, so I will put a couple miles on the bike and lead into a brick run of a mile or so to make sure my legs are there still. Then I will rest my day away and await for the morning to come again!

My number is 831 and I will be the one chasing from behind! Time to bring out the guns and blow some people off the ground :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Grand Rapids Triathlon!

Well another race was in the books this past Sunday. The Grand Rapids triathlon was a success story for me. It was not as stacked with competition as I though it would be, BUT it played out in the end for me pretty well. Taking first out of 400 some competitors, but that is male and female all together. Let me break down the race for you overall :)

The swim portion was the same as everytime. Left me scratching my head as always. Still trying to figure out how to transfer my practice swim into my race pace. I am always slower in races then I am in the practice open swims. I started the swim off pretty slow, but as soon as I hit that first bouy my stroke was just fantastic.. then after the last turn home bouy, I was pulling as if a shark was chasing me. I came out of the water with a 1:40 cadence and in 14th place. Had a 200 meter run to get to the transition, but I made it work.

The bike portion was a solid performance and I knew right after the turn around that the race was mine. I let up on the hammering and just cruised in a little bit. I did the 20k bike in just above 30 minutes. I took the lead at about the 3.5 mile marker and had another motorcycle escort. It was a pretty amazing feeling to be in that position again.

Coming into the transition off of the bike I had a great feeling of anxiety when I heard people shouting for me. Sends chills all the way down your legs and an amazing feeling with out a doubt. Leaving the transition I had to let out a huge "Hooooray" for the people cheering for me. Then off to the run I was feeling strong and confident with my running. Turning in a 5:30 for the 1st mile and then realized the LEAD I had coming in after the 1st mile. Coming into the 2.5 mile mark I seen more supporters and they were rooting for me. The tingly sensation came back in my legs, so I had to sprout a big ol smile for the remainder of the run. Coming across the finish line and being able to hold the banner up was something I have never done that before.

At the end of the race I was the winner of roughly 3 minutes. My swim time was a 9:59 for 600 meter, 30:30ish for a 20k bike, and then a 17:40 for a 5k.. Also won a whomping 300 bucks and a new wet suit.. Overall the race was well supported and well organized! Syracuse should be a very interesting race. Feeling pretty dang good about my body!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Race Report and then SOME

I forgot to post about the Sea Horse Challenge that I did on May 27th, so here is the report on the race. Started off really rough in the water as the previous week I had a KILLER swim in the Pokagon triathlon, but I also had 5 swim days to lead up to this race day. My shoulders were not there, but I still have a 100 meter cadence of 1:40 with my shoulders were shot.

Biking was a lot better then the swim and it was a solid performance as well. The day before I had a 56 mile bike ride at moderate pace and also two other rides during the week. My legs before the race were darn near gone and I was worried that I would not be able to show up with them. It turned out the bike coarse was fairly challenging. Long steady climbs in heavy head winds and crappy roads, but I still some how mananged to turn in a a sub hour performance. about 1:30 quicker then Pokagon, so there is a upside.

The running portion I knew was going to be rough for my because I punched in 51 miles before sunday, so I had some lactic acid in my legs. I took the run at a moderate pace thinking it would be relatively slower, but I turned in a 40 minute 6.6 mile run, so it was not terrible, but it was the fastest one of the day.

After all these semi efforts I turned in a 3rd place overall, but not my butt handed to me by some guy from Chicago.. Not bad for a "C" race though..

Since this last week race I have been punching some serious numbers in for times. Getting eager for Syracuse and I can not wait til I kick some rear end. Everything will fall in place and I will be turning some major heads. Peace, love, and chicken grease