Monday, April 30, 2012

Lactic Acid!!

Holy WOW that was a HELL of a week for me and my legs. I finished up the week with 210 miles on the bike, but all those miles were in Zone 3, so as I say to myself "Always be pushing" and that is exactly what i was doing for every inch of those miles. I had a 60 mile ride on saturday in the snow and 20 mph crosswinds and then 46 in 12 mph cross winds and sunshine. After yesterdays ride I was hurting in the quads like craZzZzYY, but I know there is going to be some serious gain on the bike! Extremely happy with my week I went through. I also had 47 miles worth of running, and not so  much swimming, but 3.5 miles will bring a smile to my face. Feeling pretty tired in the body, but got to keep pushing and listen to my body! Feeling a great about of LACTIC ACID in my legs and I love this pain.

I had a chit chat with the bike shop and they are going to talk to their REP from Tifosi Optics and I may be snagging a sponsorship from them, so that is GOOD NEWS!!! Makes me want to train harder when I got a oppurtunity to snag a personal sponsor.. it will be the first of many! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Great things are going to happen for me and you will get to witness it! Peace, love, and chicken grease

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New thoughts and EQUIPMENT

This past weekend after completing a nice 4.5 hour training block with the 3 disciplines, I decided it was time to up some gear and make things look a little more legit. I got a draft box for Bonnie (Trek Speed Concept 2.5), also got her a nice pair of Look Keo Plus pedals, and to accompany those pedals are some SIDI shoes with 3 straps. The SIDI shoes fit like socks and I am pumped about that. No sliding around for me inside of my cycling shoes :)

Now I got some new thoughts to run through and I am loving the thoughts thus far as well. My past coach seemed to be about me being fit to race and this team I am with now is more about being trained and not having to be fit. So Volume Vs. Intensity and I am loving the Intensity, but my weight is not where I wont it at, SO I am getting FIT with INTENSITY! Been doing it for the last week or so and I lost 2 lbs so far and I am feeling great and strong! Also throwing some core work in and I am able to hold my posture for a longer period of time! Pumped Syracuse 70.3 here I come :)

Friday, April 20, 2012


This man right here has changed my life for the better.. He taught me to put my mind to something and push for it. Consquences and agony are going to try to bewittle you, but just tuck and go. My hero, my inspiration, and my upper has become my goal! I will see you on the course again Mr. Armstrong.. We are just two peas in a pod racing for the same thing. I promise you that this time I will show up, the fire burns within!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fire burns within

Well when I signed up for the Syracuse 70.3 my flame was put out my exhaustion, but now after a 40 mile interval ride and some mile repeats I got the fire back roaring! Been having solid work outs up to this point, but no heart. Now the heart is in it and I got Worlds on my mind.

Racers at the finish line better be checking behind them because I will be blazing right behind them.. Here we go and let the "real" training start. Syracuse 70.3 peace, love, and chicken grease!