Friday, March 30, 2012

Syracuse 70.3

This past Monday I signed up for the Syracuse 70.3 and also signed up with a new team known as Endurance Nation.. They came highly recommended by a fellow triathlete. Up to that point I was just doing random things with no structure. Now everything is in a structured manner and I think EN likes to focus on the bike portion the most.. Should be a good time for me!

I will be going for the top of the podium in my AG and will be qualifying for worlds in Las Vegas. Panama I had a minor set back that took my Worlds spot from me, but now I have fire under my a$$ and will be killing it! For me there is too much riding on this to not let it all hang out.

Feeling strong on the bike still and quicker on the run thus far! 5k tt the oother day and got a 16:50.. that is a PR from high school, feeling pretty damn fit! Swimming portion should be fun as well! Seems like just drills for swimming; strengthing my shoulders up.. It will be a good race.. 4:15 here I come.. Peace, Love, and Chicken Grease!