Monday, January 2, 2012

41 days!!

My oh MY how the time is flying! This race is creeping right up on me and I am more then ready for this to be a thing in the past. My determination has a wick attached to my back and it is a slow burner.. Im anticipating the ignition to set me off so I can explode and rip PANAMA a new backside!!

I have been training pretty hard up to this point. Getting some wonderful saddle time with the coach and learning a ton of new things with it. I feel as if my coach is trying to drown me in the ppool, but I am getting stronger in the water and coach will have to try harder to drown this soon to be fish!! I went from a cat in the water to a solid frog now!! Pretty amp'd about the turn out in my swimming..

Now everyone knows me as a runner.. I am the running Todd!! The times I have been putting in for my runs is surprising me!! The other day a 14 miler in under 1:24!!! VROOOOMMMM and that was not at race pace :p..

Look for me in Las Vegas for the 70.3 worlds. I swear I will be there supporting my team TSB!!! Peace, Love, and Chicken Grease!