Friday, February 24, 2012

A little inside look!

I get to meet with the COACH today and talk about Panama and then tell COACH what my goal is for the 2012 season of the triathlon scene.. What I have lined up to say may be a little bit crazy but HELL I am all about being a little crazy!

People ask me how the training is going and I have to tell them im not training right now because I am just trying to stay FIT and get my legs back after Panama.. They think I am crazy! Training starts up March 1st for the 3 Disciplines Olympic Series.. Panama got the best of me, but I am feeling relaxed with a few 8-12 mile runs at a 6:15-6:20 pace per mile.. Going to be a good friggin year!! Stay tuned as I touch the SKY.. Peace, Love, and Chicken Grease

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

After MATH!!

Well Panama 70.3 was not the successor I thought it was going to be for me, BUT it was not a bust at all. I struggled during the race but before and after the race I learned a lot about human body. This is being my true first year in the triathlon world and I am just learning from my experience. Met some great people down here that really showed me what I should be doing and how to prepare myself. I did dodge some bullets in this race, but also felt like two bullets shot me in the leg.

The race started off with a blistering swim.. 1.2 miles in 24:20 WOW!! I met a guy down here who was aiming for 26 and he got 21 minutes, so i did improve.. swimming was his strong point.. The bike coarse I absolutely loved, but this is where I went and got hammered at. Being in the sun and on black top riding in 100 + degree weather didn't favor me at all! Last 2-3 miles on the bike was experiencing big cramps in the quads. I knew the run was going to be way off. I did the bike coarse very well as well! Then came the run I was sitting in 1st place and was looking at a worlds spot, but could not perform. As soon as the legs hit the ground I experience quads, hamstring, and calf cramps. Which made it so I could not get a stride going! Like I said before I learned a lot about my body and how to prepare.

My legs are completely shot, but today i got in a nice 4 mile run and some strokes in the pool.. Ready to jump back on the training schedule and looking to really open it up in New Hampshere June 3rd.. Going to claim my worlds position! Peace, Love, and Chicken grease!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Crazziiineeessss in PANAMA

1st day in Panama was not a successful day at all. The emotions have not settled in and I want to be focused but my mind is else where. The reason for that is because customs F***ED my chain up!! I tinkered with it for about 3 hours before I called it quits. The best thing about the first day was i got roughly 10 hours of sleep.. CHING CHING

2nd day in Panama was still A very messed up day, but it got better at the end of the day.. Woke up this morning and just straight up cut my chain and put the rest of the bike together and got in a taxi and went to athlete check in.. Taxi drivers drives me 4 miles passed my point and drops me off.. I have to walk back up to the place and get to the bike expo to get it fixed.. on the way i spotted a cruiser rental and had them fix the chain.. they did fix it... for the most part.. arriving to the expo/ athlete check in I figure I should get it checked out.. 30 bucks for a basic adjustment.. pointed out what I needed fixed.. Came and asked you fix chain "oh yeah yeah yeah." I get on the bike and no sooner then hitting .5 miles on the bike at 24 mph the chain gives away and breaks in TWO places!! My body jolts forward and I catch myself and thankful for me there were 6 people watching.. all spoke english.. Take it back to the bike expo and tell them and they fix it for 80 bucks.

Now the day gets better.. I got the bike fixed, but HELL when I got on that friggin thing.. I pushed 75% race pace and i will not throw out numbers, but Lance AND Chris better watch me in their blind spot!! Felt strong for a short 20 minute ride.. Then to top off my day I found 5 bucks in the elavator :)..

Tomorrow is going to be a good F***ING day!! Bike and RUNNING.. "The sky is limit and I want to see where the sky really ends"

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sky IS the LIMIT

Browsing through some internet last night and I came across a team mate saying how Chris Lieto was going to be at Panama.. Thought to myself now that is pretty legit! Then did some further investigating and noticed my hero/ideal from age 12, Lance Armstrong is going to be racing there as well.. Let me remind you that they both ride Trek bikes and as do I.. I suppose I will be riding with the Trek superstars and I may just have to show them a thing or two..

On the real side.. Today is the last day in the States and I am nervous as F***, but I am so ready to get this thing rolling. My body feels well rested and can't wait to get down there and get some quick training rides in to see how the body will react to the weather.. I don't think I will be fine, but I know I will be GREATTT!! Peace love and chicken grease.. Look for me at the TOP

Friday, February 3, 2012

6 days til DEPARTURE

WooOoo WooOooo.. 6 days til I leave for the beautiful city of Panama City, Panama. The time has just been ticking away pretty fast for the last couple weeks and now when it is within a few weeks the time has slown down a lot! I feel as if I am standing in time and I am the only thing moving, but this is letting me focus on the important things I am encountering..

Training wise I have been feeling super good in everything. I had a little scare with how I felt my biking was going, but now I am feeling strong as a horse on the bike.. I hope this field of athletes is ready for the small town kid to come and turn some heads... Peace love and chicken grease