Friday, June 19, 2009


Pressure is not a new thing to me. Being a high school athlete having that coach breathing down your neck. Setting goals for you to break, pushing you til you feel like you break. everything has to be perfect for the race that you are training for.

Out of high school but still feeling the pressure, the only thing different is i am my own coach. i am pushing myself to a make it or break it point. Also not having a certain race to train for, well except for all the races i do. it is consistent balls out on every work out. i skip a work out and i beat myself up cause i need to train every and single day.

Being sick for the past week has not helped crap for my training. I only been on the bike twice and ran once since Sunday of last week. i feel shakey and achey. i can't stop beating myself up when i don't train. i hate doing a race and not being able to put all my effort into it. it drives me up the walls.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Man OH Man

I had my first MTB race on Sunday, damn was that a doozy. I took 2nd in my race reguardless that there was only 3 racers in that class. I did fairly well in my point of view. i shot almost even splits acrossed the board. Hovering around a high 28 minutes per lap. I am glad i did Sport class or otherwise i would have blown the beginners out of the water. i would have gotten made fun of more by the team.

The race was a blast though. i started getting use to the tight turny crap. i was scared $hitless of ruby remorse still. i guess i value my life to much to keep the brakes open for that damn thing. hats off to everyone that raced that at RUBY.

Monday, June 8, 2009


This is my first post up on this type of blog thing, but i have to share with everyone that I got a new addiction. I am a roadie for sure doing triathlons/duathlons but now i have stepped onto a mountain bike and rode the trails here an there and i fell in love with it.

my first real mountain bike race will be at Ruby with TSB it should be exciting ride. i am still a little shakey with all the tight turns and twist, but hell i am going to go out hard; if i crash i fix the bike and recover a bit and im out there again.