Friday, August 31, 2012

Lets play CATCH UP!

Well it has been a long time since I posted in my own blog; since Syracuse which was on June 24th. I thought it would be time to do a little recap on my racing schedule and a follow up on how the training has been going.

Well to start things off I want to recap some of the races since my 70.3 in Syracuse. I have done about 3 other triathlons and 1 running race. To start it off I did a race over in Canada nabbing me a top 3 finish for the overall. I did it in a time of 1:54:00 and the swim was short by 200 meters. Next up was a race in Columbus Ohio and at this race I was trying to place in the top 3 not including the pro field to nab myself a PRO card. I failed, but not by much. I ended that day with a 1:56:44 and a 9th place finish overall. Missing the top 3 spot by less then a minute. I had a AWFUL swim; I got caught up in the sprinters on the second lap. I did poor spotting. The last triathlon was down in 3 Rivers, MI and what a race that was. I took 3rd overall there. I could have won it if I wouldn't have swam and extra 275-300 meters. Very challenging bike course, but there was some good from the race. I ran a 34:44 in the 10k and that is the fastest 10k I have ever done. That is with training with slow twitch muscles. Then I also did the CRIM in Flint, a 10 mile run, and I did it in 57:54. That is not blazing fast, but it is a good time for a first year back into the swing of things. I placed 54th out of 5000 runners.

Now this a short summary on all my races I can share a few thoughts that have crossed my mind while training for the Marine Corps 70.3 World Competition. I have a career that can successfully go both ways in Olympic distance or for the 70.3 distance. I am taking on the role to push for a top ranking in the Olympic distance racing and going to push for RIO 2016 Olympics. Many have had supported me for a long long time about just racing, but after I came out with this thought more and more people have supported me. When people think you can do such an extraordinary thing it really helps to let your mind travel down that road. There are some people who don't understand how a high level amateur can be considering the olympics and those are the people that think I have been doing this for years now. I have over came some huge obstacles for this being my first year into the sport. So here is the recap of my journey thus far. I am pushing to be an Olympian and looking forward for support along the way!

Right now though I am focusing on 70.3 world competition in Las Vegas in 9 days. I made a goal while I raced at Panama and it was to go to Las Vegas and race the World's best Age Groupers. After simply just missing the qualification by a few minutes at Panama from severe cramping, I was on a finish, so I went to Syracuse. At Syracuse I almost failed there was when I struggled with cramps after 3 miles into the run. Thank the lord I put together a stellar bike and gave myself a big enough cushion on the run. Now for a 3rd go at the 70.3 world I will make sure everything is toned in and ready to tear some legs off of people. I am known as a cyclist, but in reality my back ground is biking and I have not been able to show that off yet.

70.3 World's in Las Vegas 2012 will be one to remember!