Thursday, December 1, 2011

72 days!!

It seemed just the other day i had over 110 days to train and set my gears in, but now i have lost over 40 days of training!! Crazy hectic start for the training, but the training is there! Getting seriously anxious about this son of a gun! Finallly got back on that friggin bike this week, but hitting it a hour for the last 4 days. I feel like a pro when I do it, because every time i ride i make 8 DOLLARS!! Got to love the work place!

I have been doing a lot of running and also been doing some weight training. Eevn though most of the community frown upon it! i will make it work and convert them over to use weights and such. What most people don't realize that i went from not doing cardio shizz for 9 months to hitting 23 mph on the bike just after 2 weeks of training.. Why is that? CROSSFIT baby! Horizontal, vertical, and lateral movements are unbelieavable for my training! Better watch out PANAMA, because here comes a tank to recognize!