Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Head turning!

Hey YO hey YO had a my first race since my disaster in Panama back in February and this one was much better result then last time. I had the honor of competing at Pokagon Indiana Olympic distance. It was a great venue and a SPECTULAR race coarse.

The swim was just gorgeous, but it was a 2 lap swim coarse and that is never my favorite. In the past I have had bad experiences with two lap swim coarses. I wanted to do the swim in 22 minutes flat, roughly a 1:30 100 meter cadence. Came out in 20:40 and it turnen in a 1:23 cadence.

The bike was a challenging coarse, but it was a BEAUTY! I did a 1:01:30 for the bike coarse with regular training wheelset. Took the lead here and just hammered the whole way through. Got a police escort letting everyone know that here comes the leader. It was a good feeling. Off the bike I know I had a decent lead, so I took the run very easy.

Run coarse was very challenging. I never experienced a run coarse like this in my days of running. Just up and down and up, up, up, and down. Glad i didn't have to really race it or my legs would be hurting for a while. Ended up land sliding the competition by roughly 10 minutes. Felt like a jerk for such a victory, but I did win a kick A$$ Specialized TT2 aero helmet.

The next race is this Sunday in Kalamazoo, MI. i could not refuse racing again and I cross my fingers for good competition. Wish me luck on the journey to a dream becoming a goal. Peace, Love, Chicken Grease

Friday, May 11, 2012

Moving On!

Some people may not know this, but I am moving from the East side of the state to the West side of the state. I am moving for school and I have been training over there and it has been some solid grounds over there. Before I go there are a few shout outs I want to make before I depart this afternoon:

Pat Ward- You have been such a helping hand for me. The knowledge and absurd things you say when we were in the House of Pain was motivating. I do appreciate everything you have done for me.

Todd Powers- You are one of the people I have to thank the most. You have been a blessing for me. From teaching me how to get a possible sponsor to just telling me how it is. You have been around since day 1. You will kill the XTERRA circuit and I will be following you along the way. Thank you again

Paul Seeley- Yes Paul you made it to the blog and you are probably curious on why, but you helped me out with some knowledge when we trained together last summer when I was getting my legs back. I thank you for that big guy and I hope you keep on training. Inspiration bud

Brad Dunkin- After I left Paul you became my training buddy for a few months there. You talked me into doing my first 70.3 in Ohio and even though it was a rough race it opened the 70.3 world to me and I am hooked. I wish you the best of luck in your races this year.

Jackie Mall- You were my first coach I had since High School and you gave me structure and taught me the REAL importance of nutrient. I am not the same bull headed kid I was back in the winter. You gave me a base of knowledge and I am running with it. Thank you again.

Graham Barker-King- Even though you bust my chops all the time for what I do and how I do my things. I will miss you just as much as I will miss the rest of everyone else. You kept my head leveled and not hot headed. You will be hard to replace. Thanks again!

Mike Taylor- Mr. Taylor you have been a great inspiration to me, because you always have nice words to share and know how to boost my confidence to the next level. I will miss those words for sure.

I am not saying good-bye to you East Siders, but I am saying See ya later, because I am sure I will be seeing you fellow athletes sooner or later at some races or when I come back to visit for a weekend. I will thank you all again for what you have done for me.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

As the ball rolls!

I noted that I killed a 6 mile run with a time of 36:11 and felt damn good and I must say the good feelings keep rolling with me this week. Extremely pumped about my efforts. I got to do a 14 mile run today with 2 15 minute intervals at Half Ironman Pace and let me tell you that I was breaking 5:55 barrier with this. It don't seem like much, but on Tuesday I played about 3.5 hours of basketball and was dreading this run. SO sore from playing that much and doing wind sprints. I still turned in those beautiful times. Wait til I get myself on a taper and see where my body can take me.

Feeling as if Syracuse 70.3 will not know what hit it after I cross that finish line on June 24th. I have to thank my support group for this. I would not keep pushing so hard if I did not have my family and friends behind me every stride I take. Every day I am blessed to have someone ask me how things are going or by them telling me that I motivate them to keep on going as well. Every time they take a stride I take 2 because I know it motivates them more. I love this feeling and I love my support. Thank you so much, and now it makes sense when I say we will reach the stars together. Peace, Love, and Chicken Grease

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Legs, LEgs, LEGs, and more LEGS

Well last week was not my a week to be happy about. Pretty upset with the way my runs were last week. I thought it was going to start off as a solid week with running 6 miles for 37:15 and then the next day did some mile repeats at a pace of 5:30's, but then FIT hit the SHAN! Came to Thursday's long run of 13.1 miles and it felt great at first with some mile repeats, until the way back and my legs felt like garbage. I was hurt and extremely uncomfortable. I have not felt that pain since February 12th, yupppp Panama :(. I had to shake it off and look at the next day and it was a 7 miler on friday and yet again could not get anything going. Extremely BUMMED! Took Saturday and Sunday off to recooperate from that garbage. Then came back to monday and I did not look at my watch til the end of my 6 mile run. I was running off of feel and not time. I turned in a 36:11 and then the legs started to come back. Lets see what this week will hold for me.

Other then the upset runs I had last week everything else is on schedule. Feeling strong as an OX on the bike. Got in 155 miles on the bike last week with in 3 days of riding. The swimming has been strong with long, strong, and powerful pulls. Can't wait to see what I can do a 1500 meter swim on May 19th! Peace, Love, and Chicken Grease

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

2012 Race Schedule

I know it is kind of late to be getting my race schedule together, but I am 90 % sure that this what the schedule is looking like for me:

May 19th, 2012- Indiana Pokagon Triathlon
June 10th 2012- Grand Rapids Triathlon
June 24th 2012- Syracuse 70.3
July 8th 2012- Grand Haven Triathlon (If not doing tri for life)
July 21st 2012- Lexington Triahtlon (running portion, family event)
July 22nd 2012- Saginaw W.H. Hathco Triathlon
July 24th 2012- Allegan Triathlon (sprint, charity)
August 19th 2012- Burlington VT- Olympic Distance Nationals
September 9th 2012- 70.3 Worlds- Las Vegas (When qualified)

Also might switch things up if I feel there is a race that might benefit me more then others. This is how it is looking thus far though. Cheers and happy riding