Friday, June 14, 2013

Race Reports

So I promised you guys a race report on my three races from this season already and I am about to lay it out for you right now. Stay on the edge of your seats, because it is going to get graphical! First off I want to state that I took 6 months off from the fall and winter and I had no interest in getting back into doing triathlons. I was demoralized in the Las Vegas and then came back and raced Belle Isle and my body just couldn't do it any more. Well thanks to a little guy by the name of Joe Axisa I am back into the sport at a full swing and crunching numbers.

Jenison Triathlon:

I took a respectful 3rd place overall at this race. It was a 600 meter swim, 18 mile bike, and a 5k run and this happened to show me that I am way out of tune with everything from my sighting in my swim to my actual bike mechanics. First off was the swim that led me way off course due to my poor sighting and I knew that I was going to have some time to make up, but I was feeling confident for my bike. Getting out of the water and getting to the bike I realized that I actually was not that far behind of the leaders, so I rushed out of T1 and I jumped on the bike to realize that my chain was off my bike, so I had to jump off and fix it real quick. Got to about a 2 mile mark and tried to switch my gears, so I can start a solo chase group, but then my chain came off again. Tried to do the quick fix again and put the chain on the little ring and then shift into the big ring.. NOPE! My derailleur is bent a little bit, so the chain did not want to hop up to the big ring.. Subconsciously I told myself I can do this race with the little ring.... Well that lasted for about 45 seconds and then I jumped off AGAIN to manually put the chain on the big ring. After that I had more success on the bike and no more issues to restrain me, but at this point I realize I have lost 2 minutes on the bike already. There was no way to place in money now and I was just going to have to settle with just outside the rankings. Pulling into T2 I saw 1st and 2nd place running out around the corner and they were holding a steady pace in the run, but then I saw 3rd place running as well and I was still on the bike. I knew I had no chance to make the money now. I was 2.5 minutes behind 3rd place. If you know me you know I will never give up on anything and I will push my hardest to reach for success. I got out of T2 with no watch and just went until my body said NO. I got to just about the 2 mile mark and I had made up 2 minutes on 3rd place, so I was just 30 seconds down with a mile left to go. I kept striding to the finish line and eventually saw 3rd place in the woods stopped and he started to run with me for the last .5 miles of the race. We were stride for stride until the last 100 meters where it was a 90 degree turn up the sand hill which favored my side and then a finally kick to the end. Out kicking 3rd place, so I then was 3rd place and grabbing a podium spot for my 1st triathlon of the season. I can't compare any of my times to those who were around, because of all the issues I had, but I did end the 5k in a hard fought 16:55!

Double Time Triathlon
I took a 3.5 minute victory over 2nd place at this race and it was a great venue. The swim was 500 meters, 11.5 bike, and a 5k run and the swim portion has left me scratching my head again, because I know I can cut down my time in the water with a lot better sighting. I came out of the water in 3rd place, but because of the long run to the transition I passed 2nd place on the way. Hopping on the bike my legs felt like crap and was just cramping because of all the delicious lake water I was taking in. Had a solid bike performance after the cramps went away which only lasted 1-2 miles of the bike and when they went away i felt I could push my body hard. I kept 1st place in my sights, so when I can put the hammer down I knew where he stood. I ended up averaging 24.6 mph on the bike. Coming into T2 it sounded like a thunder when I rolled in. The volunteers and watchers were cheering so loud for such a little event It made me smile like no other. I went off into the run knowing I had a sizable lead over 2nd place, so I put some work in on the first mile pacing at 5:18 and then decided to let up on the rest of the run; I had to drive to Charelioux for a wedding as soon as the race was done. I ended the run in a 16:57 5k, so I was still very pleased.

Grand Rapids Triathlon:

I just want to start off by saying that I absolutely love this venue! There is nothing like this venue's atmosphere and support. Such a good feeling vibe from start to end. I took 1st at this event and I am repeating champion as well. It was a 600 meter swim, 13 mile bike, and a 5k and to start off this venue just like most swims I thought I was going to have piss poor sighting, but in reality my sighting had nothing to do with my bad swim time. I was caught up in the salmon pack; which is everyone that is caught up swimming on top of each other. I was forced off to the sides and swimming off course, because of the massive salmon pack I was trying to fight. After the salmon pack broke up a little bit I got the chance to swoop to the inside and pull my body through the water away from some of the one's holding me back in the salmon pack. While fighting the salmon pack I drank a lot of lake water and was cramping while still in the water, so I knew something was going to be rough in the race at some point. Got out of the water and made a dead sprint to my bike trying to keep my T1 time low and quick.  Getting out on the bike I felt good, but not strong. the first 2 miles for me were very rough and controlling, but as soon as I felt the cramp let up a little bit the hammer was dropped. I saw the pace bike in front about 800 meters or so and I knew I could real it in within 4 miles. By the time I caught 1st place I was only 2.5 miles into the 13 mile bike race and by the way I flew past the leader I knew I was going to build a nice size lead. Coming off the bike in leader position I knew I had a big lead and it turns out my lead was roughly 3.5 minutes over second place. Heading out to the run my cramps arose again and I knew my targeted 16:45 for my 5k was not going to happen, so I dogged the run and finished with a 17:21 and took the win by a little over 4 minutes.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

I am back!

It has been a while since I posted on this blog and I am ashamed of it, because I lacked training from the last time I posted in this up until April 1st. I picked up the training quite a bit since then and have been loving every second of it. 2 months into the training and I am not letting up.. I refuse to let life get me down again. Enough with the sad stuff that happened and on to what really matters. As of right now I have raced 2 mini sprint races and I have placed well in them both. I raced in the 1st ever Jenison Triathlon and I took 3rd overall, but had a few issues to work out. Then also I raced in the Double Time Triathlon in Vicksburg, MI and I won that race and felt stronger in the run, but still hurting in the bike section of it. I have been putting a lot of hurt into the cycling portion of my training and I have not done any speed work for the running portion, but just tempo runs thus far. Sorry this is short and abrupt, but it is a fixed up version of what is going on. I will give more details on an other time.. cheers!